Parking & Transportation

Ownesboro Trolly Service

Owensboro Transit Trolley Logo

The City of Owensboro is provides a free trolly service to the downtown area. This service runs approximately every 20 minutes on Friday and Saturday from 11am-3pm and 4pm-10pm with a one hour stoppage from 3pm to 4pm and a break from 7:20pm-8:00pm.
Stop times approximately every 20 minutes


Parking Map of Downtown Owensboro

Holiday & Hampton Inns

The Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn parking is reserved for guests in their respective hotels.
Please respect all parking requirements in these lots

101-147 Walnut St. Parking

This lot is located next to the Owensboro Convention Center off 1st Street. Entrance to this parking lot is located on 1st Street in front of the Convention Center. Parking is free and available on a first-come first-served basis

509 W. 2nd Street Parking

This parking lot is located across 1st Street from the Walnut St. Parking Lot. Enter this lot from either 1st or 2nd street. Parking here is free and available on a first-come first-served basis.

2nd and Locust Parking Garage

The 2nd and Locust Parking Garage is across the street from the Hampton Inn. Pricing is $10 for the whole day.

Allen St. Parking Garage

The Allen St. Parking Garage (not pictured on the map above) is free parking on a first-come first-serve basis. This parking garage is located only 6 blocks from the Owensboro Convention Center. In addition, the Owensboro Trolly Service makes a stop at 2nd and Allen approximately every 20 minutes, and can drop you off at the front of the Convention Center.

Street Parking

In addition to the options above, street parking is also available. Please observe all parking restrictions and regulatoins.