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Code of Conduct

What to know before you go
If this is your first OMG!Con, or possibly even your first convention ever, welcome!  We are always excited to see new faces.  
To access most of OMG!Con, you will need to have an attendee badge!  If you purchased one online prior to the convention weekend, you will pick up your badge from the Pre-registration area.

If you are buying your badge when you arrive, find the Registration area, and you can buy a single day or a weekend pass there.
Once you have your badge, you're ready to enjoy everything OMG!Con has to offer!  Your badge should be worn in a visible and conspicuous place at all times when you are at OMG!Con. Our volunteers will need to be able to see your badge in order to grant you access to the various rooms and events.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your badge once you pick it up.  OMG!Con is not responsible for replacing lost badges.

Attendance by children 12 years old and younger
Attendees aged 12 and under are considered children, and they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while at OMG!Con.
We do not sell separate badges for children. Instead, up to two (2) children aged 12 and under may attend at no additional cost with a parent or guardian who has a paid badge.

We will provide Tyvek bracelets for children. These bracelets are strong, and difficult to remove without scissors when applied correctly. The accompanying parent/guardian's cell phone number should be written on the bracelet in case the child is separated from them.

The OMG!Con Golden Rule 
Your fellow attendees are here to have a great time, just like you.  The biggest and most important rule of OMG!Con is to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  That really goes a long way, and just about every other rule can be tied back to this one in some way.

Interacting with your fellow attendees
Here are some convention etiquette tips to help you interact with your fellow attendees, and especially those in cosplay.

Be friendly!  
It is usually all right to introduce yourself, compliment them on their cosplay, and ask for a photo.

Be considerate! 
There are times when it may not be appropriate to approach someone to strike up a conversation.  For example, if a cosplayer is eating, let them eat instead of asking for a photo. Probably also not a great idea to introduce yourself to someone right as they are stepping into the restroom. 

Respect boundaries!  
We get it, a lot of cosplayers are very attractive, and the fact that they share a common interest may make them seem even more attractive! Sometimes the cosplay may be a little revealing as well. 

Remember, cosplay is not consent!  
It's important to remember that beneath every cosplay is a real human being with their own feelings, emotions, and boundaries.
It can be really exciting to see someone dressed as your favorite character!  But just because you share a love for that character doesn't make you instant soulmates.

Please do not stare (especially staring at particular parts of the body), as it may make them uncomfortable.

Do not take photos of people (in or out of cosplay) without their permission.  

If someone says no to a request for a photo, that is their right to do so, and they do not have to provide a reason.  It may be a personal reason that they do not want to share.

Do not touch people without their permission.  This also extends to their cosplay, accessories, or other personal items they may have.  Even if someone has a "free hugs" sign, you should still ask and get permission before hugging them.
Please read through the OMG!Con Harassment Policy for a more comprehensive look at what kind of behaviors are and are not acceptable.

Interacting with our Guests
We value and appreciate our guests.  Please honor all the rules above for respecting attendees and the additional rules below:
Be Polite!
We want our Guests to have as good a time as you are having. Please try to give them their space when they are out and about, walking around the convention.
Be Considerate!
When they are giving our autographs, running a panel, or selling something in the dealer room, try to not take up too much of their time. It’s exhausting! Our Guests need rest, too!  Additionally, keep in mind there may be other attendees waiting to meet a guest as well.
Some Guests may sell photos and therefore not wish to be photographed. Please ask before taking a picture with any Guest.

Don't make a mess
Please make sure to clean up after yourself.  There are trash receptacles throughout the convention center.  Please don't leave your empty pop bottles or snack bags on tables or on the ground.  It doesn't take much effort to bring it to the trash can.
The convention center has janitorial staff, but they can't be everywhere at once, and  their job is made a whole lot easier when the trash is already in the bin.

Instructions from volunteers and staff
We try not to intrude on your fun, but there are some times when volunteers or staff may need to provide instructions.  Usually this will be related to line control and making sure doors aren't blocked (creating a fire hazard), though occasionally there may be other reasons.
When an OMG!Con volunteer or staff member asks you to do something (or stop doing something), please do your best to follow their instructions.

Information about panels rated 18+
Government-issued photo ID will be required to attend any panels or events rated for ages 18+.
If you are not age 18 when the panel starts, or if you do not have the appropriate ID, you will not be allowed to attend.
We cannot allow the recording of panels 18+. Please don’t do it.


RulesTabletop room rules
Be gentle!  Try not to bend cards.  Open folded boards carefully (especially four-segment and six-segment boards).  Please try to keep any components in the box that aren't being used for the current game.
Do not bring open food or drinks into the tabletop room.  Bottled drinks with a resealable cap are OK as long as the cap is kept on when you are not actively drinking out of it. Many a four letter word has been uttered as a large cup of cola is tipped over and empties all over a game board.
Similarly, if you have just eaten or participated in another activity like boffing that might get your hands dirty, please wash your hands before coming to the tabletop room.  It helps reduce stains, smudging, and wear on the games.  When it comes to board games, Cheetos, pizza, and fried chicken are something of an unholy trinity.  Nothing ruins a game like grease and Cheeto stains on the cards.

Video game room rules
Be gentle!  Many of the games and systems available at OMG!Con are the personal property of staff that they are generously loaning to OMG!Con.  Please treat the controllers and systems with care.  We understand that controllers may wear out or break over time, and that is unavoidable. Breaking them by throwing or slamming them on the table is not.
Do not bring open food or drinks into the video game room.  Bottled drinks with a resealable cap are OK as long as the cap is kept on when you are not actively drinking out of it.  Similarly, if you have just eaten or participated in another activity like boffing that might get your hands dirty, please wash your hands before coming to the video game room.  It helps keep our equipment cleaner, which reduces wear and tear, and is also more pleasant for others who will be using the controllers after you.
 Please report any broken or non-working games, CD’s, cartridges, controllers, etc. as soon as you see it.  This will help us to replace them quickly, which makes the gaming room a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
We have a large library of console games available, many more than just the games currently in the systems.  If you would like to play a different game, please do not remove the game from the console. Just come to the staff table and we will be happy to swap out the game for you, especially if it’s an older game.
Please be courteous of those who may be waiting to play, especially if you are playing a popular arcade game.  Take a quick look around your immediate area every couple of minutes.  If there are people waiting, make sure that you are taking turns and letting others play too.

Viewing room rules
We have viewing rooms showing anime and live-action shows throughout the weekend.  Please be courteous to others who may be in the room watching the show.
The viewing rooms are not napping rooms.  If you need to sleep, please return to your hotel room.
It should go without saying, but you may not use your phone or other recording device to record the programs in the viewing room. (Most of what we show is also available for legal streaming on sites like Crunchyroll anyway).

Consequences for breaking the rules
Ignoring or violating the OMG!Con rules or code of conduct will result in penalties depending on the severity of the action. Such penalties may include:
- Verbal warning. (For minor offenses.  Multiple warnings may result in more serious consequences.)
- Confiscation of your badge and ejection from the event, with no refund.
- Temporary or permanent banning from future events put on by OMG!Con.
- Contacting law enforcement when appropriate.