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The OMG!con 2023 video game room featured some great arcade units as we are partnering with Psychic Drive and Thorsen Gaming. Between the two groups we will have over 20 arcade units for you to enjoy.
    Some examples include
Taiko Drum Master
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2
Pump It Up!
Sound Voltex
Dance Maniax
F-Zero AX
Initial D8
Candy Cabs
Music Gun Gun

What is in store for 2024? Stay Tuned to find out.

Console Gaming

Our gaming library is also available to check out games throughout the weekend. We have over 1000 titles for you to check out or are even already on the systems and play, ALL for free with your badge! This includes stuff from the 80s and some new stuff from this month!


We also ran tournaments throughout the weekend. On Friday we ran a Mario Kart tournament, Saturday had a Smash Brothers Tournament, and Sunday, Tetris Battle Gaiden made its debut! This last year we also had three fantastic commentators in the form of one popular Nick Harris, the one and only Raphael Lewis (Tentacruel man), and OMG!cons up and comer Micah May.