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Tabletop Gaming

The OMG!con tabletop gaming library is hands-down one of the best around! With over a thousand games at your perusal, you should be able to find something you’ll love whether it be a board game, card game, or RPGs. All of the games are free to play all weekend.

Schedule Your Own Games

More so than any other section of OMG!Con, the Tabletop Room grows and thrives on attendees' creativity. The ability to pick up and play anything in the room is great, but some ideas take a little bit more time. Whether its an hour long Zombiecide session, a 3-hour Pathfinder one-shot, or an all-weekend run of "The Campaign For North Africa", you may submit scheduled events for consideration.
Accepted events will be placed on the official OMG!Con Tabletop Schedule! Note that as the final OMG!Con Schedule is a work in progress, event times are subject to change. You may edit your submissions at any time before schedule is finalized on June 1 2023.

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Own Gaming Events


The tabletop room even runs some tournaments. A few notable ones are our Magic tournaments. On Friday we run a commander tournament. And Saturday we like to run a full booster draft tournament, $15 buy in while spots still remain and you get to keep your cards!


The tabletop room staff have also begun to help teach and run a workshop on gunpla! There are limited sets and tools but as long as there are some remaining you also get to keep those!

Laser Ponies

And back this year, since its been a while, and if our president can get away for a while, Laser Ponies! The QAGS classic where you roleplay ponies who shoot lasers through your eyes to defend your family and friends, just like an 80s cartoon! And guess what you can paint your own pony to keep for only $5!