OMG!con 2015 Program Guide!

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For the first time in OMG!con history we are posting our program guide early! You can look at it in all it's glory online before the con! It has most of the explanations for the panels being held during the weekend.

Program Guide Desktop Version (25MB)

Program Guide Mobile Version (3MB)

First Draft Schedule

We are also doing a Facebook contest to win a T-shirt & 50 CR in the Prize Room! You only have until May 31st to Pre Reg for OMG!con 2015!!!!


Raffle & Prize Tokens!

Incase you haven't been keeping up with us on Facebook, we've posted up our Raffle list for OMG!con 2015 as well as a few Prize Room changes!

Our raffle this year has some amazing prizes, including an Xbox One Console, Nintendo 3DS, and a Nintendo Wii U!

How do you get tickets to this amazing raffle? Every paid attendee gets 1 ticket, Pre Register and you get a second! Double your chances!

Also if you are staying at an OMG!con hotel block, you'll get one ticket per room! You will also be able to 'buy' tickets with Prize Tokens in the Prize Room!

There are some fantastic changes coming to the Prize Room this year too. We are bringing back Prize Tokens like last year but we are changing the whole way you get prizes!

After hearing people complain on the survey that all the good stuff was taken early in the weekend, we decided to revamp our Prize Room.

We've gone to a more monetary system of Credits or CR. Our prize tokens are now in increments of 1CR, 5CR, 10CR, and 20CR. So the more CR you have the better stuff you can get. Some items in the room can only be 'bought' if you save and wait until Sunday!

We hope changing the system this way will allow those who really want to get expensive stuff the ability to do so. This also allows us to have better and more expensive prizes then we've ever had before!

Items like new PS4 and Xbox One Games, new controllers and peripherals, full anime box sets, figures, gift cards to local businesses, Xbox Live or PSN point cards, even 'buy' a pass to OMG!con 2016!

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Schedule & Hotel!

Mech 1
It's getting close to OMG!con 2015! We've posted our First Draft OMG!con 2015 Schedule for you to look over, so make sure to take a look!

We are currently sold out at the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Owensboro/Waterfront & Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront! We opened up a room block at the Hampton Inn Owensboro South about 4 miles from the Convention Center. Make sure to visit our Hotels page for more details!

A Big Thanks & Vendor Room!

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Thank You to everyone who came to have fun at our first OMG!con Preview Event! We hope you all had fun! Also giant thanks to all prize support sponsors, NOS Energy Drinks, Big Bang Comics, Book & Music Exchange, and Crunchyroll!

We have our current Vendor List up and ready for you to drool over! Each Vendor listed has their website or social media attached so you can see what they may be selling at our event and can plan accordingly!

OMG!con Free Preview Event!

First off we'd like to thank the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival for a great time! We got to meet a lot of fantastic people and have a lot of fun as well! We hope if you visited the event you stopped by our booth! We ended up giving out 6 Free OMG!con 2015 passes! Congrats to everyone who played!

The OMG!con Free Preview Event is less then a week away! Visit our page for all the rules for our tournaments, event listings, rules for the cosplay contest, and more! We can't wait to see everyone there!

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